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Adult Uses
No special permit shall be issued to any person convicted of violating the provisions of MGL c. 199, § 63, or c. 272, § 28.

Any special permit issued by the City Council pursuant to the uses listed above shall lapse within one year of the date of the grant, not including the time required to pursue or await termination of an appeal referred to in MGL c. 40A, § 17, if substantial use thereof has not sooner commenced except for good cause or, in the case of permit for construction, if construction has not begun within two years of the date of grant except for good cause.

Any existing establishment listed above shall apply for such permit within 90 days following the adoption of the above-referenced additions to the Zoning Ordinance by the City of Marlborough.

See § 650-18A(32) for complete, detailed information.
See Permitting for information on permits.