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Assisted Living Facilities
[1] Dimensional conformity. A proposed assisted living facility shall conform to the dimensional criteria for the A-2 Zoning District as set forth in § 650-41, entitled "Table of Lot Area, Yards, and Height of Structures"; provided, however, that if the City Council finds, in accordance with § 650-59C(12)(a), that (i) land to be donated for municipal purposes to the City as a condition of a special permit to be granted hereunder will benefit the City and its citizens generally, and that (ii) prior to such land donation the proposed assisted living facility otherwise conforms to the dimensional criteria of § 650-41, then the City Council may, as a condition for granting a special permit hereunder, modify § 650-41's dimensional criteria as applied to the proposed assisted living facility.

[2] Application process.
[a] The applicant shall submit a plan for the overall development, including a final site plan showing the final completed development in all phases as contemplated on the site at the time of application, regardless of the number of phases in which it may be constructed. The application shall include, at a minimum, a completely designed first phase of development.

[b] The application shall be filed in the name of the applicant. The applicant must either own the development parcel or, when the application is submitted, submit authorization in writing to act for all of the owners of the development parcel.

See § 650-18A(44) for complete, detailed information.
See Permitting for information on permits.
See Online Services for information on site plans.