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Required findings and requirements for special permit:
(1) That the limited development subdivision results in sufficient advantage to the City to depart from applicable requirements of the Ordinances of the City of Marlborough, applicable Subdivision Control Law and the Rules and Regulations, as may be further amended, of the Planning Board, in that the use of the intended parcel is less intense than would be allowed in a subdivision, as defined by the Planning Board.

(2) That the submitted plan clearly conforms with all of the criteria enumerated in Subsection A above, and the applicant has demonstrated that access from the frontage to the single-family dwelling is sufficient to accommodate all private vehicles and the needs of all public safety and emergency vehicles.

(3) Before a building permit shall be issued, the applicant must provide satisfactory evidence that the special permit issued hereunder has been recorded at the Middlesex South District Registry of Deeds.

See § 650-30: Limited development subdivisions for complete, detailed information.
See Permitting for information on permits.