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Parking Requirements
Application of parking requirements.
(1) Approvals and permits.
(a) Site plan approval. No driveways, curb cuts or parking areas (whether such parking areas are required or not) shall be created, graded or constructed of any material, through expansion or otherwise, without receiving prior site plan approval.

(b) Permits. No permit shall be issued for the erection of a new structure, the enlargement of an existing structure or the development of a land use, unless the plans show the specific location and size of the off-street parking required to comply with the regulations set forth in this Zoning Ordinance and the means of access to such space from public streets. In the event of the enlargement of an existing structure, the regulations set forth in the Zoning Ordinance shall apply only to the area added to the existing structure.

See § 650-48: Off-street parking for complete, detailed information.
See Permitting for information on permits.
See Online Services for information on site plan reviews.